Surrendering a Pet or Stray

  • We have very limited space at our shelter since we consistently operate at, or above, capacity. Before you consider surrendering your pet, please look at all other options.
  • If there are behavior issues, please research trainers in the area. Many training videos are also available online. Most dogs can be trained with consistent practice and patience. If your time is limited, look into having a friend, relative or professional stop by while you are gone to interact with your pet(s).
  • Perhaps money is an issue, which is becoming increasingly common. Look into our area’s low-cost veterinary services and clinics. Discuss options with your vet.
  • If the decision is inevitable, please know that you must make an appointment at Safe Animal Shelter to surrender your pet.
  • Please call (904)375-9122 to schedule an admissions appointment or email us. Remember, we may not always have space. Prepare for your appointment by having all of your pet’s veterinary history, medical records and medications it may be taking. A surrender fee will be due at the time of your appointment.
  • If your situation is dire, you can call Clay County Animal Control at (904) 269-6342 | map